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Stone Lakes Elementary

Stone Lakes Elementary School (SLES) is the home of the Soaring Eagles. They are located in the heart of the Avalon Park Community.

Stone Lakes Elementary Soaring Eagles Fund

Stone Lakes Elementary School started a Soaring Eagles Fund that is dedicated in creating a long-lasting sensory-based activity room for all students on campus, including those with disabilities. This room would consist of intervention materials to allow students to learn how to self-regulate in a safe place, as well as have a calming environment to take a break, access reinforcement, and receive services and interventions from their trained staff.

Goal: $20,000

GMTNS X Stone Lakes Elementary

The initiative of the Soaring Fund set up by Stone Lakes Elementary deeply connects with our mission in the education field. Some profit from GMTNS will be donated to the Soaring Fund as well as a initial $1,000 direct donation to the school.