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The sweater fits perfectly and is super cuddly!

Head Buyer At Mary Jane's House of Glass

The shirt is comfortable as all get out, and it’s for a great cause!

Content Creator

My wife and I wore them to our local wine bar and I was really surprised when a couple of people asked her about the shirt and it opened up an opportunity to talk about autism.

Adrian & Melissa
Owner of Precision Box

We are so impressed by your drive and the mission your on. My wife and I send you much love. Keep up the amazing work!

Robert & Sumera Gill

This hoodie feels great and fits nicely!

Vi Le

This shirt feels great! Thank you for helping others understand that I am more than my autism.

Angel Mazariegos 
Sophomore @ Los Angeles Valley College

I love the color and feel of the shirt!! I can’t wait to wear it and share the message.

C Mazariegos
Senior @ Cal State University Monterey Bay

We love how dedicated you are in spreading autism awareness! The shirts display a great message and are super comfy.

Richard & Wendy

This website offers a heartfelt approach to autism awareness, and the blog posts provide valuable insights. It's a recommended resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of autism and its impact on individuals and communities.

Andrew Seagrave
Chief Executive Officer Of Low Gravity
Huong & His Wife
Chief Executive Officer Of PURO
Jeff & Friends